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Livio Bisterzo A Serial Entrepreneur

Leonardo DiCaprio a celebrity actor and Strand Equity Partners have invested in HIPPEAS a fastest growing natural snack food company. HIPPEAS is a Vegan Company and is famously known for its organic chickpea puffs which come in a variety of flavors such as Far Out, Fajita, Sriracha, Pepper Power, Happenin Hickory and Maple Haze among others.

HIPPEAS CEO and Co-Founder Livio Bisterzo was so excited that Leonardo DiCaprio and Strand Equity Partners had joined the company. In a statement, Livio said that as the HIPPEAS brand continues to grow in the market place, it was so incredible to have such partners who share the company vision and values. HIPPEAS family was so enthusiastic to share this new venture with the new found partners.

Seth Rodsky the co-founder and managing partner of Strand Equity Partners in another statement said that HIPPEAS brand has grown to be one of the best brands within a short time because of offering a combination of unique nutrition with creative flavors. Strand Equity Partners are looking forward to working with Livio Bisterzo and HIPPEAS team to lead the evolution of better for you snacks.

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial ventures at a young age while he was still in college working with the youth, doing marketing and organizing events. After college, Livio Bisterzo continued with his passion for entrepreneurship working in different industries and creating some great brands. However, it was not all rosy as at times he failed miserably.

Livio Bisterzo Founded Green Park Holdings in 2015 with the aim of building a portfolio of brands that focuses on natural propositions, creating brands that have a lasting social impact and prompt cultural and behavioral change. The company vision is to drive the agenda of positive change in the food and beverages industry.

In 2016 Green Park Holdings under the leadership of Livio Bisterzo launched its first brand the HIPPEAS which is a range of Organic Chickpea Puffs. HIPPEAS are light, crunchy and contain protein and fiber. In addition, HIPPEAS have low-calorie content; they are organic, gluten free, allergen free and it’s a non-GMO food product thus good for one’s health. The Chickpea plants are ecosystem friendly as they release nitrogen back to the earth.