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Marc Sparks: The Leader With The Heart For Charity And God

Between the finite limitations of man’s leadership skills and the endless potential of a leader lies the sheer influence of Marc Sparks in the way he leads his businesses. There’s a lot of challenges and Black Swan hurdles in doing business, but all this is nothing to Marc Sparks as he has proven to offer the best kind of service to the business that he runs.


The Secret To His Leadership

Marc Sparks credits his leadership skills to the level of Faith, Passion and Focus that he can carry out all through his line of work. He won’t be able to do all this without his drive and purpose to make people’s lives better, including his.


People also know Marc Sparks as a serial entrepreneur, which means that people from different groups look up to him with great delight and inspiration. This following entrepreneurial skills directly come from the way he reaches out to people ever since graduating in high school last 1975. With all start-ups that Marc has involved himself in, it is not hard to see why since high school he’s able to build companies that use the best ideas in business today.


With zero formal training, he is now able to provide for, maintain, run and grow all the activities he involves himself in today. He is the example when people look for an ideal image of what it feels like to go for practical training rather than academic training that don’t always contribute to one’s growth.


Marc’s devotion to God also keeps him going, and it’s the reason why he’s still passionate in the business he’s in today. With Timber Creek Capital, the company he founded rooted in God, Marc can provide for a lot of portfolios and manage them to give the best services and quality work for all the capital investors in the company.


It’s also not that hard to imagine why Marc is also a writer today. With all his business experience, it’s not foolish to say at all that he has the literary authority to write one. The title of the book he wrote is They Can’t Eat You, which was a book he took a lot of pain to write because it traces how arduous it was to start an insurance holding company and other businesses that in a matter of days or a blink of an eye will lose their value.


The book Marc Wrote is meant to inspire the entrepreneurs who are almost losing hope in what they do. It also highlights how working and volunteering for Habitat For Humanity gave him the grounding to be humble and to accept everything in his life as a means to help others.


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