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Jeremy Goldstein Knockout Options Alternative to Help Companies Save Money

Jeremy Goldstein with his experience in business management has managed to work with various organizations around the world. Together with several partners, he opened Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC.

Goldstein advises companies on employee-related benefits, compensation benefits and corporate governance for top companies.

Over his career span, he has worked with multinational corporations including Chevron, Verizon, and Duke Energy among others.

Goldstein has written and delivered several talks on compensations and corporate governance on various forums. One issue that he has been working on is the ability of companies to award their employees with stock options as a compensation method.

He says that organizations have not been keen to follow this route owing to several issues they term as affecting the companies.

One major problem is that of not offering the stocks as a way of organization saving money. Others include; options become worthless due to economic turmoil and reducing accounting burdens for them.

Despite the downside of offering stocks, Jeremy Goldstein says positives are gained by providing the stock options.

First, it provides a better alternative compared to raising employee wages.

Secondly, the options have the capacity of increasing personal earnings at the event prices do not drop.

He further says that the company tax burden can significantly reduce if offering stock options is appropriately done.

But for more gains, Jeremy Goldstein advocates the use of Knockout options alternative. This type of stocks offers more or less the same as other ordinary stock means.

He says that it provides more protection to both the employee and employer. In the event of low stock prices, the employer can choose to suspend the stocks until that time the prices will be up again.

This serves to help the company save a lot of money while keeping its employees happy instead of raising wages.


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