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Diplomat Daniel Taub role as an ambassador

Daniel Taub is a former diplomat representing Israel in the United Kingdom. He The United Kingdom has a lot to help Israel with. Israel is a global center in many fields. It is also a country that leads in the world in many fields. It is one of the countries that are very influential in the world. Daniel Taub would help these two countries strike a diplomatic relationship that was built on a strong foundation.

Daniel Taub served as an ambassador in the United Kingdom In 2011. He served in this office for 4 years. He was active in deepening engagement with Israel in the Jewish community. Previously he served as an international lawyer who has served the country in various legal positions within the ministry of foreign affairs. Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom in 1962. He moved to Israel in 1989.

Daniel Taub served Israel in the Israeli defense forces as a combat medic after he moved the country. He would later serve in the international law division of the military as a reserve legal officerbefore taking up a position in the ministry foreign affairs.

During his tenure as ambassador, Taub placed a focus on trade, business, and shared  academic research. In general, his goal was to make  the relations between the two countries better than he found them.