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Hussain Sajwani and His Business Reach

Hussain Sajwani had the advantage while still in school to work for his father in the family variety store. The hours were long but young Hussain learned the lesson of hard work and organization. He was not too happy at the time because of all the after-school work, but in looking back the time was priceless in the development of future habits of success.


Again, while still in school, Hussain Sajwani discovered an inexpensive source for candy, and he was successful in selling quite a large quantity to his fellow students. Here he learned that with ingenuity and application, one could earn a tidy sum by supplying the needs and wants of others.


Sajwani did graduate from college in the USA where he graduated with degrees in engineering and economics. After graduation, he landed a job with a gas company in Dubai. Soon, however, the entrepreneurial bug hit him and he founded a catering company that sold food to the United States Army during the Gulf war as well as several American construction firms. This proved to be a very successful venture and the company is still in business to this date.


In 2002, Sajwani formed a real estate development company called DAMAC. His intent was to build luxury apartments in order to accommodate the expected population increase due to the UAE relaxing immigration policies. A real estate boom was forecasted and as it turned out, Sajwani has predicted exactly that.


Sajwani and DAMAC became known not only for very high standards and quality work, but his ability to market his luxury apartments became a widely known skill. He would bill his properties with a slogan such as, “A Bentley With Each Apartment,” which certainly got the attention of prospective buyers.


The luxurious apartments with their plush appointments became very well known among new arrivals to the area and DAMAC grew by leaps and bounds and word got around. His start in the real estate business was rapidly successful right away and he has never looked back since.


Sajwani uses some very basic, but extremely successful principles in his business such as paying cash for land and financing a very small portion of the rest of the project in order to keep a tight reign on things.


Today DAMAC ranks as a leading company in the Arab world and Hussain Sajwani is well-known throughout the business world as an inspirational and sought-after advisor.


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