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Securus Technologies Lays Strategic Security Traps in Jail Cells Again

Securus Technologies has long been known for its genius in the way it handles security issues, especially for America’s prisons establishments and numerous other agencies totaling 3, 450. The company has been providing security for both officers and the inmates within the prisons establishments for several years now. According to the available reports, Securus Technologies serves over 1, 200 000 inmates. The company continues to conduct research in the best way to prevent security breaches and, indeed crime. Cell phones have been one of the most flouted banned items that frequently find their way into the hands of prisons. The security threat posed by the use of cell phones by people under incarceration cannot be overemphasized. Securus Technologies embarked on a thorough exercise to clean out correctional institutions for illegal use of phones by inmates. In particular, and of importance in the exercise is Robert Johnson, whose life is closely tied to the use of cell phones in jail cells.



What Drove Johnson to the Mission


Sometime in 2010, Mr. Johnson was attending to his duties at Lee Correctional institution. Lee had a 15-year experience in correctional service. He was charged with the responsibility of making sure that inmates never had access to cell phones without permission in the correctional institutions. So, he used to frisk them frequently to make sure that the device never found its way into the jail cells. Unfortunately, his work was too much for some inmates who thought he should have let them access the devices anyway. Johnson was shot at his home because he was too good at what he did at the correctional institution. Johnson and his colleagues had earlier intercepted and prevented entry into the correctional institutions, a consignment of cell phones that was valued at approximately $50 000. In short, the gang responsible for the contraband regrouped and went for Johnson at his home. They shot him six times and left him for dead. Well, in another life at Securus, it is the same Robert Johnson who leads the team of cell phone detection experts to prevent the use of the devices in correctional facilities in the USA. Johnson said enough was enough with cell phones in jail.



Securus Technologies, Always on the Lookout



Recently, there was a video circulating on social media of an inmate that was caught on camera wielding a knife inside a jail cell. Securus Wireless Containment Systems is a service that has been extended to a good number of correctional facilities but it is yet to be deployed in some others such as at the Evans Correctional Institution. If WCS had been installed, the incident would not have occurred. Securus Technologies is in possession of sufficient data to raise alarm over the level of contraband access by inmates. It is, therefore the responsibility of the members of the public and prisons officers are to mobilize their elected representatives to make sure that their institutions contract the security services such as Securus Wireless Containment Systems.