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Why Did Doe Deere Create Lime Crime?

Lime Crime is known for its bright, bold, and fantasy inspired products. Ever since it was created in 2008, it provided the perfect tools for people to create unique and creative looks that helped them to better expressive themselves. The person behind Lime Crime is CEO and Founder, Doe Deere. Her desire for colorful and fun makeup was the driving force behind the creation of her beauty brand.


Doe Deere originally had the idea for her beauty brand when she was creating and selling her own line of clothing. She longed to create makeup looks that matched her colorful and bold designs, but found it hard to find any products that did. So in 2008, she launched her first line of products and quickly began revolutionizing the beauty industry.


Doe Deere contributes her success to a few things. One is that her products offer something to customers that most beauty brands don’t. Her niche brand gives people the opportunity to express themselves in a way that most brands don’t. Instead of creating products that are versatile and universally desired, Doe Deere creates bold, trendsetting products that allow people to creatively express themselves. Another thing she contributes to her success is her desire to make people happy through her products. Along with her bold colors, she also adds another flare to her products, a fantasy inspired twist. From the products themes, names, and the unicorn mascot, Doe Deere infuses each of her products with a bit of magic. Her successful niche brand is truly unlike anything else.


Another major part of Lime Crime is its dedication to being a cruelty-free and vegan brand. Doe Deere is dedicated to creating a brand that upholds these values, something that not many beauty brands do. Not only does she make products that are dedicated to not harming animals, her brand has also made it possible for her to start supporting charities that benefit animals as well. Her passion for helping people create inspiring makeup looks has helped satisfy another goal for her, helping animals in need.


Doe Deere is a true visionary. Realizing that the beauty industry lacked the color and dramatic makeup products so many desired, prompted her to create her own line. The success that she has experienced is due to her hard work and passion for creating vegan and cruelty-free products that give people more variety in expressing themselves through their makeup. Doe Deere is continuing to create products that inspire the creative side in people and is also continuing to rock the beauty industry one bold product at a time.


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