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The Chainsmokers and Their Surprisingly New Dark Twist of Music

They weren’t flowing in the mainstream pop music industry until recently. But after their major successes with hits such as “Closer” and “Paris”, the music duo has been making strides with their careers and have become well known with today’s teens and pop music fans everywhere. It is fair to say they have made it big with their unique take on pop which takes electronic ballads and smashes them cosmic like tones and accents. Their music can be described as melancholic, chill, reminiscent of youth and teenage angst. As they have become more popular, the producers who make up the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, have started singing in their songs more and have also collaborated with big name artists such as Halsey and Coldplay.

While there is a lot of pressure for the Chainsmokers to stick with what they are good out and churn out a lot of “Closer” and “Paris” copies that produce hits and are extremely catchy, The Chainsmokers have decided to follow their ambitions and produce new music that could break their mold. The Chainsmokers instead have made the decision to go in a darker music direction. Even though it is a risk for their careers to make a major genre switch, it seems as if their fans are eagerly jumping on the boat with them. Recently, they released a new single called “Sick Boy”.

“Sick Boy” plays with edgier lyrics and musical qualities. Overall, it is in line with the Chainsmokers’ style of music but different in its tackling of subjects. While their music in the past has focused on teenage relationships and romance, their new single seems to tackle the feelings and thought processes of youth in more current day social issues. They say they hope to embody the general state of the youth’s mind dealing with the society we live in today as well as their own emotions and thoughts when dealing with people who try to criticize and pressure them and their work. We can only hope that the Chainsmokers will find more success with their career and music choices.