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Creator Of Bumble Whitney Wolfe Would Fight Match Group In Court On Patent Infringement Case

Match Group, the company that holds some of the top apps in the online industry, is suing Bumble for copying its features into their own dating app. The company is holding Bumble creator Whitney Wolfe responsible for the copy as she used to work in one of their companies, Tinder, which is the direct competitor of Bumble.

Most experts in the industry feel that Match Group is trying to cut its losses after Bumble’s user base grew to 30 million within four years. Whitney Wolfe is offering better security and safety features to its users and also blocks people who are rude to other people on the platform. Tinder does not have any such policy, and it seems that they are trying to cut down their competition by filing lawsuits against them.

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Match Group had also tried to buy Bumble not once but twice in the past year. Creator Whitney Wolfe did not accept the offer and Match Group is not taking it in good spirits. Match Group is claiming that the swipe feature of Bumble was copied from that of Tinder and they hold the exclusive right to it. Bumble, on the other hand, are saying that the lawsuit is baseless and is just a way to make them sell the company to them. In the start of 2018, Tinder also launched its women-talk-first feature on their app, but it will be optional for the users. Bumble has rolled out its women-friendly dating app four years back, and Tinder seems to be just copying the ideas after there have been reports of women being harassed on the Tinder app.

Whitney Wolfe was quiet about the lawsuit for a few days and has replied to the lawsuit with a letter type ad on papers. The ad says that Match Group is a bully and that Bumble will not be handed over to bullies. After going through the facts and the timing of the lawsuits, experts in the industry feel that for Match Group filing a lawsuit is the last resort to get the company. But, with the advertisement, the chances of that happening have become nil. Bumble recently banned photos of guns and weapons from its user profiles. After the gun shooting in Florida, Bumble came up with the decision to ban such photos from its platform. The company has also been gaining success in two of other newly launched services Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz that are too growing at a fast pace.

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